Police Retirement Gift Ideas

What do you get a retiring policeman who has dedicated and risked most of his life to bring good into the community that you live in? A police retirement gift should be something personal form the giver to the receiver, something that says thank you and/or something that shows your appreciation. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a sense of humor to your gift.

A Few Ideas

* A good police retirement gift is a specialty chess set that represents policemen, these can be purchased in bronze and pewter finishes. The chess set can be left out on the coffee table adding to the decor of the policeman’s home.
* For a woman police retirement gift, perhaps a basket of cookies with a cops and robbers theme. This would give her something to eat but would also add some fun to the celebration.
* A shadowbox filled with police paraphernalia is a wonderful idea for a police retirement gift. It can be filled with small trinkets that the retiring officer has colleted through his many years of service and, it can be displayed anywhere in the house.
* Another unique police retirement gift could be a blank journal, so the retiring policeman can write down his memories of his duties and things that have happened to him during his time as an officer. This would make wonderful reading by his children and grandchildren, and perhaps, it can even be passed down through the family, to the son or daughter, especially if they had followed in the footsteps of the parent.
* If you don’t have a lot of money for a big gift, a small gift will do, maybe something like a key ring in the shape of a police badge with his number on it. Or a plaque of his/her police patch can be purchased for a reasonable price.
* Pictures, commendation and news paper clippings can be put together in a scrapbook make a wonderful police retirement gift. This would give the police officer something to reminisce through with his children and grandchildren. Plus, it shows how much you cared by cutting out clipping and pictures in the paper and holding on to them for all those years.

Remember it’s not the price of the gift that matters but the thought and care that went into choosing or making the gift that will matter.


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