Staying Healthy at an Active Retirement Community

Usually the term “active” paired with “retirement” would sound like an oxymoron. No one would imagine their grandmother or grandfather doing the kinds of activities that they are doing, but with rapid advances in health care and medicine, more senior citizens are leading active and healthy lifestyles. This is reflected in the rise of the active retirement community, which is becoming as popular as a standard nursing home.

Here is some background on an active retirement community and explanation of how it can be exciting to be a part of one:


An active retirement community is a place of residence where healthy, lively senior citizens can enjoy a full range of activities amongst their peers. An example of this is a retirement resort, in which senior citizens are fully involved in activities that stimulate their mind as well as their body. These activities may include outdoor adventures such as kayaking, canoeing and camping and indoor activities such as mind stimulating games like chess and checkers.


In order to meet the criteria to be in an active retirement community, an applicant has to be healthy and willing to be involved in activities within the community as well as be able to take care of him or herself and live in a residential unit on their own. Ages for these retirement communities vary for different places -some have no age restrictions – whereas others accept people 50 and older, 55 and older, or 65 and older.


The benefits of living in an active retirement community are plentiful because this type of living environment promotes learning, exploration and growth, instead of complacency. There are various activities that can cater to your interests and hobbies. An active retirement community recognizes that you are at an advanced age, but this should not mean you have to give up what you enjoy doing. By keeping your mind and body healthy with different mental and physical activities, the rate of dependency may slow down and it can keep you active for many more years.

So, if you are a senior citizen, or know someone of that age who is considering a retirement home, suggest this type of environment. Unlike most nursing homes, a retirement home promotes longevity instead of disability and illness. By getting involved and staying active, you can improve your chances of feeling just as adventurous at 65 as you did at 25.


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