Living Independently in the Golden Years: Continuing Care Retirement Community

Aging is a part of life that no one can control. Every year, we get a little older, the lines and wrinkles start to appear and hair begins to turn gray. But, unlike the days of our youth, at a certain age we can’t move as fast as we used to, and may need a little help with daily routines. That is why places such as a continuing care retirement community work for the elderly who are healthy enough to live on their own, yet need to have the security of health care professionals around them as they age.

Here are some basics concerning a continuing care retirement community, and how it works:


A continuing care retirement community is established for senior citizens who are well enough to live on their own, yet agree to live in a community where their housing and medical needs will be assessed and changed as they grow older. An applicant signs a contract stating they will remain at the residence for the rest of their lives, and are healthy and independent at the time of application. A continuing care retirement community is also known as a life-care facility or a life-care community.

Types of Housing

Senior citizens who are independent enough to live by themselves may do so in their own apartment or condominium within the community. Once they begin to need care with daily activities, then they are moved to an assisted nursing facility at the same location. If the resident becomes well enough to live on their own, then they can go back to living independently. Once the resident reaches the age where they need substantial amount of care, then they are moved to the skilled nursing facility within the community.

Who is it for?

For those senior citizens considering relocating to a continuing care retirement community, they must first see if they meet the criteria for those entering the facility. Usually, applicants are older men and women who no longer can or want to maintain a home of their own. They also want to live amongst others the same age, need a little bit of assistance with daily care, and desire the protection of a senior life facility.

Aging; this does not have to be a difficult experience if you are amongst those who are sharing the same journey into their later years. It should continue to feel as any other journey in your life has felt – new and exciting.


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