Alternatives to the Traditional Active Adult Retirement Community

There is a new group of seniors on the horizon called the ‘baby boomers’ and soon there will be a long list of their names waiting to get into an active adult retirement community. These communities are going to have to adjust to this new breed of young seniors that want to live in an active adult retirement community, but don’t want the stigma of living in a community that is designed exclusively for the elderly.

Other Options

An active adult retirement community can be disguised as apartments, condos or customized living arrangements and these options will give many of the newer younger seniors the benefits of a community without the retirement home atmosphere.

Many young seniors prefer this new type of active adult retirement community instead of the traditional type because these new communities are made up of diverse residents. The active senior can still enjoy the amenities of a traditional community, such as swimming pools, a gathering area, secure buildings, a gym and many other amenities offered by apartment, condos and home communities.

Where to Look

Urban areas and college areas are some of the more common areas for an active adult retirement community, for the simple reason that these environments offer great access to public transportation and the opportunity for the young senior to get out and enjoy the company of people from all walks of life and from all age groups.

However, like any community there are pitfalls. For example, an alternative senior community may offer limited or no healthcare and so it will be the responsibility of the residents to plan ahead for healthcare, if needed. Also, there might not be any structured senior activities planned that a traditional community offers.

Also, since you’re moving into an active adult retirement community that has no age restrictions, there could be the chance of loud neighbors, but if this is the alternative to the standard community that you are avoiding, then these risks are well worth your independence.

Finding an alternative active adult retirement community will take some investigating and persistence. The first step in finding your retirement community is to make a list of things you desire in a community and your home. For instance, if you don’t want to climb stairs then you would look for a home, apartment or condo that is only on one floor. If you don’t want to do any yard work, then look for a community that does the lawn mowing and exterior repairs. You also may want to look for places that are near shopping centers, churches, and clubs.

The more you put on your list the harder it will be to find a place, but when you do it will be well worth it.


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